There are a lot of new comers in the Nepali movie scene who have tried to at least help grow the Nepali movie scene. Many of them fell flat on their face because let’s face it, exotic locations, new actors and item songs alone cannot save a movie if the execution and script along with the actors in sync with the character is missing, however some of them have actually impressed the audience.

According to me, there are two types of audience in Nepal, those who enjoy those movies where the protagonist beats the crap out of 12 goondas at a time and the story can just be lifted from some bollywood movie and the others are those who actually want some serious story that makes sense. The director should understand what kind of movie he is making and the target audience he is focusing on. The past few movies like “Swor”, “Love Story” et cetera have failed to gather crowds at the box office because they were movies targeted to those who wants some serious cinemas with the direction and story focused on those who are happy watching senseless action sequences.

The new Nepali movie LOOT, comes as a pleasant surprise to all those who actually wish to see good Nepali movies. The story, the music, the casting, the acting and everything in the movie was right on the place. This movie, in true sense can be considered as a milestone in Nepali movie after Kagbeni.

Talking about the story – Its about bank robbery and about Haku Kale who has a “Master Plan” for bank robbery, how he manages to find his accomplices, plans the robbery and actually manages to successfully rob the bank. It is a story about frustration, love, relationship, friendship, betrayal and greed of the protagonists.

The characters are so well defined in Loot which rarely happens in a Nepali movie. The director Nishal Basnet has a great potential. The actors have all done a great job in the movie. I am officially a fan of Saugat Malla now,  who is so much in sync with the character that you actually believe that his newari tone is for real. His dialogue delivery, mannerism and his acting skills takes the movie Loot to a whole different level. No one could have done this part so perfectly as Saugat Malla. Dayahang Rai as funny guy makes you laugh every time he speaks. He is one great addition to the nepali movie industry and more directors should tap his potential. Karma is a good actor and does a fine job and the two new guy Pratik Neupane and Sushil Pandey are okay for a new comer. Richa Sharma gets little scope in the movie though she is good in those little part she has. The item song in the movie however is wasted. I don’t know why take Sushma Karki who is anything but sensual. The item song in the movie should have served as a “nitro” for the movie instead Sushman Karki yet again turns it into a shameful event. The director could have filmed the singer Indira herself instead for the song.

The movie isn’t entirely flawless though, while the dubbing could have/ should have been better the beep sounds where totally unnecessary. The songs at some part were not needed. However, the movie is made so well that the flaws doesn’t affect to the overall movie.

One Nepali movie that I am actually proud of. This is the kind of movie we have been waiting for and I hope more directors and producers understand the kind of cinemas the new generation actually wants from them.

****/ *****


4 thoughts on “Loot.

    • My sis recently went to watch it and she liked it actually because our taste are like chalk and cheese. She told me the tickets were all sold out. It looks like Loot is doing wonders in Sydney and I actually feel good about it.

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