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February 29, 2012..!!

I have to do this because its the Feb 29th – the leap day that falls in years that are divisible by 4 like 2004, 2008, 2012 raichan ta.. and the next one falls in 2016. There are few more interesting information on Feb 29 on wikipedia. So today is February 29 that falls every four year. … Continue reading

The Favorite Punch Bag..!!

Feri arko bomb blast that killed 3 and injured almost a dozen of people. For many of us, its just a news headline that will slowly move towards the second and third page and by the end of next week, the news will be washed off our memories. But the lives of 3 family is … Continue reading


It looks like we Nepalis love making and breaking records, hai. Right from Apa Sherpa, who has climbed Mt. Everest 21 times as of May, 2011 (I bet he hasn’t been to his “sasurali” that many times..hehe) to the recent Chandra Bahadur Dangi, who is now pronounced the “Shortest man ever” along with “the shortest man living”. We … Continue reading

Full Moon and Fires..!!

On February 7, 2012 grass fire engulfed the TIA, the only international airport in Nepal and many of the flights were diverted to Delhi. The fire spread close to the runway but no major damages or casualites took place as the fire was brought under control within hours. Ironically, it was a full moon that night and … Continue reading

Happy S.A.D.

The whole internet is flooded with the valentine’s day message and picture so let me take this liberty to talk about it and pour some of my random thoughts on it hai. I have always felt Valentine’s day highly overrated. I never really understood the concept of celebrating certain days for things that we should be … Continue reading

Moving on..!!

Just so if you are wondering why this post all of a sudden..actually the bijulee is back even though it should be back only after like 5 hours in the middle of the night.. hehe So, the problem in city is not just the water and electricity anymore. The crisis has extended to gas, fuel … Continue reading