Moving on..!!

Just so if you are wondering why this post all of a sudden..actually the bijulee is back even though it should be back only after like 5 hours in the middle of the night.. hehe

So, the problem in city is not just the water and electricity anymore. The crisis has extended to gas, fuel and not to mention everything else. The rise on fuel and gas did not come as a surprise, well…at least to me. NOC initially wanted to raise the price of Petrol to 110 and LPG gas to NPR 1400 but BRB and his wing-mans played the “bargain card” to raise the fuel and gas price because BRB knew there would be protest against the price hike so they increased the price of the petrol to Nrs. 115 and the LGP gas to NPR 1500. Now, as expected there was protest against the price hike from all corner of the country and promptly they reduce the initial price hike to NPR 112 (NPR 3 reduced on petrol) and (NPR 85 on LPG gas). The protestors are happy and so is the government. A happy ending for all hola. But yet the crisis of water and electricity in the city has now been extended to petrol, gas, and kerosene pani hola. The never ending line for Petrol can been seen everywhere and seeing that it almost looks like the government is giving out the fuel for free..hehe

Coming back to me, I recently took part in a photography workshop. I know the basics but I just want to polish a little more of that photographer in me. Photography has always been my passion and the workshop actually was very fruitful for me as in knowing my SLR. I can actually take pictures the way that I want to now. I would really like to have my solo exhibition someday. Click here to visit my facebook page of the pictures that I have taken and comment on them. Your comments would really encourage me. 🙂

Here are few of my works so far.

A lot of things have happened in the past few days. I have been offered a very nice job from one reputed trekking company. I had responded to the vacancy that they had announced. And I don’t know what they saw in my, they offered me the job on the spot. I just signed a contract with them.  So, basically the 2 months of freedom has now come to a screeching halt. But I am glad to join the new office with new people and excited to learn new stuff from them. 🙂


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