Happy S.A.D.

The whole internet is flooded with the valentine’s day message and picture so let me take this liberty to talk about it and pour some of my random thoughts on it hai.

I have always felt Valentine’s day highly overrated. I never really understood the concept of celebrating certain days for things that we should be doing without the world having to know about it. I mean, if I feel like being with a friend I like, I’d just call up and arrange a meeting instead of actually waiting for a “friendship day”, or if I’d thank my mom for whatever she has even done for me instead of getting presents on “Mother’s day”. Similarly,if I want to express my love for somebody, I’d do it on any Tuesday, Friday or whatever. Why celebrate a Valentine’s day by buying over priced gift item, flower or whatever it is, hoina plus how can you celebrate somebody’s death(go read history my friend). Anyway, you get my point. So, like I was saying, I have always felt this V day was highly over rated and not because I was single..(Oh no…I was never single..hehe). You can call me that I am on a ego trip but frankly, I can’t accept the fact that some random group of people choose some random day to express my random thoughts about random people that I would have done anyway in some other randoms day (..pheww). Like I read somewhere, its just a Pointless and worthless day invented by Hersheys Confectionary Co and Joining forces with Teleflora Florists and Corbans Wine Makers just so they can profit out of Wine, Cholocates and Flowers, while single people suffer at the clutches of the hands of this evil and corrupt capitalist-orientated day that is not even a fucking holiday period. Valentines Day should be banned and all those celebrating it shot !! Well, that might be a little too harsh but I can’t deny it entirely.. 😛

And while I was thinking about this BS V day, turns out its Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) as well. Its like all of a sudden, on 14th Feb, you realize, “Why did I never have a girlfriend?” hehe. Even the acronym has the irony in it so while couples out there are getting what they want on V day here is wishing a Happy S.A.D. to those who are ready to mingle.

5 thoughts on “Happy S.A.D.

  1. while you are at it… pick a random date and declare it as H.A.P.P.Y Day. come up with the full form yourself… [me still dizzy after yesterday’s wine and chocolate hehehe, just kidding].

  2. Just enjoy life and celebrate everything…. Don’t ask question and if you like you can celebrate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week Just be happy… 🙂

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