Full Moon and Fires..!!

On February 7, 2012 grass fire engulfed the TIA, the only international airport in Nepal and many of the flights were diverted to Delhi. The fire spread close to the runway but no major damages or casualites took place as the fire was brought under control within hours.

Ironically, it was a full moon that night and full moon are generally considered auspicious. I am sure it is auspicious to the thekedars of the airport since now they can eat “moolahs” in the name of rebuilding damages caused by the fire. I was able to click some pictures and don’t take it wrong when I say this but it was a beautiful sight (photographically). 😛 Here are few of them that I was able to capture that night.

It was also the concluding day of a month long Swasthani tales(google please for details :D) that day. Although, I consider myself as a “moderate” atheist, I had to attend the festival because my wife wanted me to and the only option I had was yes or yes..hehe. I was there  trying to listen to what my father-in-law was reading(in newari) but playing with my camera the whole time. I actually came up with some cool shots and here are few of them.

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10 thoughts on “Full Moon and Fires..!!

  1. Swasthani in Newari, it must be hard to understand. I remember when I was little I used to read that some day. I haven’t seen that book for years now. Miss so many things when you are away.
    Happy Losar!!!

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