It looks like we Nepalis love making and breaking records, hai. Right from Apa Sherpa, who has climbed Mt. Everest 21 times as of May, 2011 (I bet he hasn’t been to his “sasurali” that many times..hehe) to the recent Chandra Bahadur Dangi, who is now pronounced the “Shortest man ever” along with “the shortest man living”. We might as well have the “richest ministers ever” hola, if there was any such world record book and few of our ministers would definitely compete hola.(why few, all of them bhanum na). :D.

Recently, J.P. Gupta (not the indian movie director ni feri), Minister for Information and Communication was sentenced some 1.5 years and 8.5 million fine. 8.5 million that is almost 1 crore. :S That amount of money could build some kilometers of road in Kathmandu that has potholes all over it hola baru. He was convicted of amassing around 25 million when he was minister and since he surrendered himself after proven guilty, he got a deduction of 20 percent rey. A 20 percent discount for admitting, “Yes, I stole 25 million + from the people of this country, so please take 8.5 and leave me the fuck alone”. So, at the end, it is a happy ending for Gupta and Sons Co. ni hai(I bet he has sons, these bastards always do). 25 ko ghotala and a fine of 8.5 million, 16.5 million ta jwaammai..! wah..kya daaami bho. 😀 

And he has been sent to the Dilli Bazaar jail (DBJ) where his “best man” Chirajivi Wagle, who is another minister, Minister of Physical planning and work to be precise, awaits him. According to the commission, Wagle stole more than 34 million rupees between 1991 and 2002. Much of that money was transferred to bank accounts held by his relatives. So, its like meeting of who is who of the corrupt world.

DBJ seems to holds the record of serving the most number of all the high profile corrupts kyare..I bet everyone in Dillibazaar jail is having a crash course on corruption, extortion, murder and what not. Add to that, Inspector General (DIG) Ranjan Koirala who murdered his wife Gita Dhakal on January 11. DBJ even had Charles Sobraj, I wonder where he is now. And that Charles Sobraj ko wife, Nihita. Her mom was my lecturer in college and I always used to have huge discussion with the so called “feminist”. By the way, Ekta Kapoor, if she finds about the twist and turns in the Sobraj-Biwas love story. I am sure she could garner enough moolah from it hola. I hope they have happy ever after story in about 20 years when Sobraj can barely walk or talk and Nihita will be in her 40’s.. 😛 I hope I will still be alive to witness that.

I read somewhere that our home minister, Mr. Gachchhadhar went to DBJ for a little inspection on the security rey. Like DBJ never needed security until now.

And coming back to my topic, now all we need is a prime minister who will guide these people at DBJ to break more records on most corrupt country and while on it break the record of poorest country as well..!

6 thoughts on “Records..!!

  1. Reached office, opened my com and clicked and there I saw ” RECORD”. Thanks!

    Very true about this bl**dy politicians. If the series of corruption continues, our country will definitely be the poorest country in the word, for sure!

    N ya! this sasurali thing about apa sherpa made my day! I was thinking the same when i was going through one of the newspaper few days back when I saw apa sherpa, the RECORD breaker. Haha …

    Have a great day!

    p.s: why don’t you post something about teachers’ strike happened lately?

  2. Thanks for stopping by..!! 🙂

    I had actually written some lines on the teacher’s strike and than i got busy..its somewhere in the draft. Will post it when I complete it.. hehe Thanks for the suggestion.. 🙂

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