The Favorite Punch Bag..!!

Feri arko bomb blast that killed 3 and injured almost a dozen of people. For many of us, its just a news headline that will slowly move towards the second and third page and by the end of next week, the news will be washed off our memories. But the lives of 3 family is changed forever. Irrespective of the news of the incidents that will fall down on the priority list of the newspapers with passing days, the news for the family of the the 3 people who have died will remain as a horrifying incident. Killing of innocent people was and never will be a solution of any problems but yet many a times, the fucked up brains of  some people comes up with ideas that will leave scars in the lives of many people forever. But they claim to do this for who?? yes of course, the “nepali janata”.

The price of the petroleum products have gone up again in less than a month so basically the week long Nepal band and the “gadi jalaune”, “tyre balne” and “public property vandalize garney” was for nothing. If you ask me, I think whoever the hell claims to take the responsibility for the blasts is bullshit. BRB and his “sallahakar” came up with this grand plan because now, all the attention will be  driven towards and bomb blast and there won’t be any protest on the price hikes. Yes, the lives of 3 people may be a sad news for the family and rest of us but for BRB and his team, its actually a good thing because their reality and our reality is different, their perspective and our perspective is different and at the end their story and our story is different. The blast surely has driven many of us into the state of insecurity all over again but for BRB and his people and their family, its still a vacationing time because they are safe. He might be driving on a bloody “Nepal mai baneko” Mustang but he makes sure he has two Land Rovers ahead and 3 Police Jeep following him to every tea party he attends. His family is secured and so that is his reality, his perspective and his story. We, the Nepali janata can all go to “bhaad” hola ni.

Lately, the Nepali people (and I mean the Aam Janata) seems to be the favorite punch bag for “everybody” hai (or maybe it was like this forever) and by “everybody” I mean “the government”, “the anti government” and “the protesters” because rest of us who fall into none of these category are a “nobody”. Its like we don’t even exist at all for the 3 factions. I’ll tell you why I think we are “everybody”‘s favourite “punch bag”. “The government” hike the price and punch us, “the protesters” protest and burn vehicle that don’t obey them and punch us, the “anti government” blast the city and kills innocent people and punch us. It’s almost like they are taking turns to punch the crap out us hai. And after the blast I am sure its the turn of the protesters protesting security of “nepali janata” and vandalizing the property and burning tyres and all that kyare..! I remember that line from some FM station that goes “Yehi ta ho, Naya Nepal Ko Chamatkaar”.. 😀

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