February 29, 2012..!!

I have to do this because its the Feb 29th – the leap day that falls in years that are divisible by 4 like 2004, 2008, 2012 raichan ta.. and the next one falls in 2016. There are few more interesting information on Feb 29 on wikipedia.

So today is February 29 that falls every four year. How cool is that, no? I am posting today just because its a leap year and the next Feb 29 will appear in the next four years. Who knows where will we be then. Maybe 2012 will happen, maybe wordpress will only host for paid services only, maybe I will be a father and maybe, just maybe, I will on this same table with this same desktop recalling things that are going on this very moment in my office.

Just for my memory, at this very moment, I am planning an event for my group of 39 people and checking their hotel bookings, my staffs are outside talking about something I can’t really make sense of. My best friend Pujan is at my home sleeping, my dog Lucky is too old to even walk around, my other dog Mikki  almost licked off his wounded leg, I have to attend 2 parties in the evening, one is the event organized by these guys at “We Fear Silence” at O degree restaurant at Jhamsikhel and the other one is my best friend and the drummer from my band “Manoj”‘s party, who is celebrating his birthdays, I have a file on my table named Jon G***ndal, Rolwaling, 2 mobiles on the side of my desktop screen, my visiting card lying next to the printer and Republica on this other side of it…phheww..!! I have a very bad memory so I just want to make sure I can remember all these in the next four years.

By the way, I always wondered when do the people born on Feb 29 celebrate their birthday? I mean, do they settle for Feb 28th or do they celebrate on Mar 1st because Feb 28th, technically they weren’t even born and Mar 1 is the next month. Maybe a day later but its the next month. Or do they just do it on Feb 29th every four year. I wish I was born on Feb 29th and I would be celebrating my birthday every four year and I would be like 12 hola..hehe..

Happy birthday to all the leap year babies..!! 🙂

13 thoughts on “February 29, 2012..!!

    • Thanks. 🙂 That is a tricky question actually… 😛 I’d definitely want to see myself riding high on success financially and spiritually and definitely would want to see myself as a father (of a daughter)…. herum..!! 🙂

      and you??

  1. Aha! that’s a good one. Father of daughters pani huna sakcha.. who knows!!

    Ok as of me,

    1. I want to see myself out of this office. Sick of seeing same coworkers, same files and specially same bosses. Phewww
    2. O yah! definitely want to see myself as mommy of twins ( Buy one and get one free. My hubby rolls his eyes when I say that..haha)
    3. Financially stable ofcourse!

    Full stop… ahele lai yeti nai….

    • Daughter…stricktly one for me…ehehe

      Twins.. wow..although the idea sounds interesting, aile ko mahangai ma i would rethink hola..hehe..

  2. Aww God bless! I hope you are a father of a daughter 🙂 I hope Im married by the next leap year! This inspires a post. I should do a post on leap year too hola ni.. even though its like the 2nd of March today. hehe.
    In a band? ramro cha.. photography and music… all things creative. *thumbs up to you*

    • Thank you. I need all the blessing.. 🙂 Roll in a credit with my name if you post on leap year re kyaa…hehe

      Had a band “ARPAN” which eventually melted down to null with guys moving abroad and all that usual stuff..!! hehe

      and oh..best of luck. I hope you get the man of your dreams..!! 🙂

      • Thank you 🙂 Man of my dreams is there.. hehe. 3 years in 4 days since I met him. But like marriage is the battle haii..

        Ofcourse, credits to you.. all rolled in and posted! 😀 Dhnyawaad hajur lai for making me realise that I might alive or even dead by next leap year. My gran din’t make it to iss pali ko leap year 😦

      • 3 years and 4 days you mean..!! thats a long time. How can a relationship last that way? hehe.

        Thanks for the credit, I’ll go ahead and like it before even reading it..hehe

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