Posted in March 2012

3 stories..!!

Today’s Kantipur had three distinct healdines. One read “Jeth 14 bhitra sambidhan bancha ta?”, the other read “Dahal putra lai 2 karod nadew” and the other one “2 lakh nahuda mrityo ko mukh ma”. Today 3 headlines potrays the present situation of my country. “Jeth 14 bhitra Sambhidhan Bancha ta” asks the president to the … Continue reading

Happy Women’s Day..!!

Before this moves into my drafts and becomes a “lagan pachi ko potey”, I’d like to wish all women a happy women’s day. The two important people in my life that I am really protective about are my mom and my wife. They both are one of the strongest women I have known and are … Continue reading

KONY 2012..!!

Take a 30 minutes of your precious time to watch this. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time is now. JOSEPH KONY IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S WORST WAR CRIMINALS AND I SUPPORT THE INTERNATIONAL EFFORT TO ARREST HIM, DISARM THE LRA AND BRING THE CHILD SOLDIERS HOME.

Brian Mclaren’s Economic Models..!!

I was going through Brian D. Mclaren‘s blog. In one of his article he talks about the economic models explain with cows. Its a humorous take on the truth that we all know about. I take this liberty to copy and share it. 21 Economic Models … explained with cows SOCIALISM You have 2 cows. … Continue reading