NEPAL with an “A”, not “O”, please..!!

I’ll just go ahead and post this one which has been staying in my draft for a long time now and this can be considered as one of those JPT post..hehe

So, I have met people of many nationalities and have had chit chats with them (obviously in English, I am not multi-lingual..hehe) and this one thing has struck me more than many times. Many a times I have tried to correct them but its like “Kukkur ko pucchar, 12 barsa dhungro ma rakhyo, na sinki na ta gundruk“..hehe.. (modified the last line of that saying.) Coming back to the topic, many people (foreigners) pronounce Nepal as Nepol. I have tried explaining them its Nepal with an “A” not Nepol with an “O”. I mean, its not like they don’t have an “A” in their vocabulary hola ni hai. It might be a petty topic but often I have been introduced to people as “Nepoli” and they ultimately end up asking me about the weather in Italy…hehe. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little but still you guys got my point hola ni. And although I have tried to correct them, they don’t wish to stand corrected kyare.

So, I think I’ll just go ahead and start calling them “Americon” instead of American or “Canado” instead of Canada, or even “Germon” instead German, “Irelond” instead of Ireland, and “Briton” instead of Britain Et cetera. Yes, I am just going ahead to make them feel the same, hai..!! 😀


27 thoughts on “NEPAL with an “A”, not “O”, please..!!

  1. I think its the way we pronounce it.. at least in British english.. lol. Its like Nepal pronounced Nepol.. more like Nepaul. Anyhow, I know this is so random but I totally dig Prabal Gurung! and HIS VOICE! hahaha.. can’t wait to be in one of his collections *flaunt flaunt*

  2. Meengma, thanks for the intro. Namaste Tash, I am NepOli and you? o yah, i love to go through your updates too. I guess i post you some comments recently but i cant see it on your page… suk suk…

    • You’re comments are very much on my page AMI 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. Me Nepoli? I feel great I can be so deceiving hola ni.. hehe.. but infact I am not. My to-be-better-half is also not Nepoli.. but he’s Sikkimese which kind of justifies all our Nepoliness. Lol. 🙂 Namaste AMI. Good to know you 🙂

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