3 stories..!!

Today’s Kantipur had three distinct healdines. One read “Jeth 14 bhitra sambidhan bancha ta?”, the other read “Dahal putra lai 2 karod nadew” and the other one “2 lakh nahuda mrityo ko mukh ma”. Today 3 headlines potrays the present situation of my country.

“Jeth 14 bhitra Sambhidhan Bancha ta” asks the president to the politicians. “Akash ko Fal, Akha Tari Mar” bhanya jastai, while the country is suffering from the monkey dance of our so called “netas”, the constitution is becoming a far cry from what the people choose the politicians for. Gyane had Paras who thought he owned the world is now in some Singapore ko Raj Mahal with boozes and bitches and his dad Gyane is in some Nagarjune cottage kyare. The people fought for the democracy and than the constitution but in vain. With so much hope and expectation Baburam Bhattarai was choosen as the next “pardhan matiri” but the then finance minister who collected lots of moolah from the citizen forgot hola ni, that it is easier to ask from the janata but almost impossible to give it back to the janata at the same rate. I hope he understands, people at the moment needs security, fuels, gases instead of road expansion and inflation.

“Dahal putra lai 2 karod nadew” the students protests against the decision made by the governement to provide 2 crore to Prachande’s son. “Kaam kuro eka tira kumlo boki thimi tira” applies exactly to our politicians hola. The government wants Prachande’s twate chora to climb Mt. Everest and is funding 2 karod arey (i don’t even know how many zeros are there 😛 ). Everyone is protesting, of course. The Baburam’s kira pareko buddhi should have known that the protest, chakka jams were in store when the news goes public. And with this decision, the authenticity of Baburam’s capability to make any political decisions have been flushed down the gutter for good. I mean, who the fuck is this Prakash Dahal and why is the government providing so much money? They could have provided 50% of that money to Puskar Shah who went around the world for world peace and wanted to climb Everest baru. Tyo bela ta, government wasn’t ready to fund any money. So why now and why that Daka prachande ko chora??. My dog wants to climb the neighbors walls, I am sure the government has some provision to provide some financial assistance for this as well hola ni..!! hehehe

“2 Lakh nahuda Mrttyu Ko Mukh ma” A poor mother can’t afford to save her son. “Jo sojo teskai mukh ma khocho”..hehe.. while BRB, his fucked up brain and his dumbass sallahakar readily wants to go ahead funding some twate to scale Mt. Everest it looks a poor citizen will have to let her son die because she can’t afford to pay 2 lakhs for her son’s operation. Instead of paying for the twate to hike up to basecamp (I can bet on my life if that twate make it to the Base Camp”hehe..), they can start providing funds to the health sectors of the rural people ni baru. After all, these sick bastards became PM and what other Ms because of the support from these poor peoples kyarey.

Such is the story of my country where rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. 2012, where art thou?

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