Busy month and the new year..!

Phewwww…that was one busy month for me. Had lots of adjustments, lots of moving on, lots of work pressure in office and trying to meet the expectation of my boss to be everywhere, everytime…hehe. But that all paid off pretty well hola.

The pressure in the new office and dead lines to meet surely made me realize that I need salary increment soon enough..hehe. Arranged few important trips that would define my role in this office for the coming years (if I don’t quit soon, that is). 40 people’s camping trek to Rolwaling area was no joke. They were Norwegian and they all came very happy. Another 200/300 confirmed for the coming season I guess. Another was a trip of 7 to Island Peak. Had a meeting with them yesterday and they thought the service was 5 star and another confirmed 15 people next season to Everest Base Camp. And the main was the group of 3 for inspection of the trip that needs to be run in October..luxury trip basically and they only had good things to say. So, I guess that was 100% from my side. 🙂

Now, I want to do Masters in Tourism. All I have been doing all these years was with experience and knowledge. Now, I want to have that academic qualification as well. Tourism has so much potential in Nepal, yet the government does little to produce the academically qualified man power. The only man power available in this country is of those people who have been working their whole life to sustain. I believe the tourism field should go beyond that. I am sure the infrastructure here will always be a barrier in providing a service to match with the adventure company based in Miami or Paris but we have what they don’t, and that is our passion to work which always make tourist more welcomed and happier.  The Tourism year 2011 (or was that 10 or 12) came and went. It had lackluster effects on the tourism business. The only agenda of the tourism year in Nepal was to provide ample opportunity for the organizers to go around the world and enjoy the wages and benefits while the porters in the mountains earned as less as Rs. 600 per day, who had no idea what tourism year is whatsoever. What the organizers should understand is, it is useless to have any festivals, visit year, tourism year and all that bullshit if doesn’t help the people working on the grass root level. It should be beneficial for the porters and every stake holders in the tourism business and not just them organizers. Sadly, such is the case in Nepal.

Anyways, Nepali New Year 2068, came by and went. I didn’t even have the time to wish my friends and family. So, here is wishing everyone a belated new year.  The year gone by had lots of ups and downs in my life but that has only help me to stay more focused. I am sure the new year will be better for me and for everyone out there and hope this year has nothing but good news stored in for you.

10 thoughts on “Busy month and the new year..!

  1. Happy new year to you too.

    Looks like you are working very hard in your job so you definitely deserve a pay rise, if you need a reference, ask your boos to call me. 🙂

    I am sure Nepali tourism will go better way in future as people like you are working hard towards the betterment . I know who to contact for my next visit to Nepal 😀

  2. Happy Nepali new year 2069 da 🙂 Good to see you blog again.. btw.. what is it that you do.. ? sounds awesome! Now Im sure my trip to Nepal would be A* success! 😀

  3. wow..it was my first time that i m reading a Nepali person’s blog..
    and i hope after sharing your experience here ,you are fine now…

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