Just this once for Peace..!!

The last 3 days show the halt of life in and outside the valley. Reason, some politically driven agenda for the “ethnic” people arey. People in Nepal have always lived in harmony irrespective of the religion, caste and every other thing that separate one human from the other. Sadly, this became a reason for our politician to use as their mileage card to stay in power, to promote corruption and fight for favoritism. And yesterday, at Durbar Marg hundreds of people gathered in white tshirt, candles and the national flag for social harmony. And although there were people from all walks of life gathered there to support peace, I thought there should have been more participation of people. Each and everyone should have come there to stand for their country, for peace, for Nepal.

We have had enough of monkey dance from Maobadi, Congressbadi, Communistbadi, Forumbadi, yo badi and tyo badi and all that badis. For once, lets stand up for peace not for any parties, for prosperity and not for any badis and above all for Nepal.



4 thoughts on “Just this once for Peace..!!

  1. once is not enough. People should constantly assert themselves, their expressions, otherwise these politicians who we gave our mandate to write this document called constitution will twist our opinion in such a way, and we people are easy to manipulate. We can hate, fight and destroy each other for petty reasons, #ethnic disharmony

    • Exactly. Such program should be hosted regularly in order to make them politicians realize that the people are not as stupid as they were once. They should fear the people while in our country it is just the opposite.

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