Posted in June 2012

Stray Thoughts..!!

Its Saturday and that means a good late morning start, only I had forgotten to turn off my alarm in my mobile that pissed the shit out of Anju..hehe. One thing she anxiously awaits during the weekdays is having the freedom to wakeup late – not having to worry about reaching gym at 530 or … Continue reading

Photo Walk at the Pottery Square.!

The Image Park has been organizing various photo walks each month to different places to help polish the skills of many photography enthusiast and yesterday (16 June 2012), they had organized yet another photo walk to Pottery Square at Bhakatpaur Durbar Square. I had been the same place to take same photographs few weeks earlier … Continue reading

So far, so good, so what..!!

Its been sometime I have logged into my blog, really and my comment section is loaded with spams and I am like WTF.. 😀 The pressure in office is just too much for me to be able to come here as much as I would love to and I haven’t been doing much, really except for … Continue reading