Stray Thoughts..!!

Its Saturday and that means a good late morning start, only I had forgotten to turn off my alarm in my mobile that pissed the shit out of Anju..hehe. One thing she anxiously awaits during the weekdays is having the freedom to wakeup late – not having to worry about reaching gym at 530 or reaching home before 7 to prepare breakfast, or having to shout at me to get out of the toilet and let her take shower so that she can arrive office at 9..hehe and while Anju is busy doing all the household chores.., I wash the car or bike whichever we will be riding for the day and clean the room and get myself ready for breakfast..hehe. That is our division of labor at home – fair and clear. 😀

So, the alarm went of at 6 and Anju was really pissed off with me for not turning off the alarm the other night and she was all irritated kyare. Must be her PMS.  For all the single guys out there, google PMS, read and gain adequate information on it because you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life once you get married and trust me, you’ve got to be either really lucky or unmarried to not to be affected by it..hehe

I had to go to hospital to see Anju’s uncle today. He’s got some critical stone problem and needs to undergo an operation. He once used to be one of the richest perseon in KTM arey and his downfall started after his second marriage and in 15 years his downfall lead him from riches to rag. He has 4 children and none of them were there, not even his own wife and I thought – people who don’t have children actually shouldn’t feel that bad. He sold almost all of his property to send his son to australia and his daugther to UK and now when he is here lying almost dead, he has none of them beside him. SAD.

I donated blood today again after some 6 months. This must be my sixth time. I don’t have the record since I lost it with the wallet during my trip to pokhara. The hospitals in Kathmandu always has problems with lack of adequate blood to those who need it. Its funny because KTM is overcrowded with people with populations of almost 1 million people yet there are often news that people are loosing life due to shortage of blood. I mean something is definately wrong hai? How can there be so many people and no blood in the blood bank, right? There is some gap between the people and the blood bank. Government needs to intervene kyare. But the government is busy visiting the Rio conference and checking out the hot brazilian babes hola .. hehe. So, everytime there is some blood donation program, at least I try to make it a point to donate blood. I was told that they charge Rs. 2600 for each pouch of blood. Later I found out it was the for tests and the blood bag.

Alright, my nephew wants me to join him on his journey to kick some ass and play Uncharted with him. Tapai lai Spider man maan parcha ki Uncharted? “Uncharted”, I reply. I’d better join him before he decides to move on to Pokemon and bore me for the rest of the day.. hehe

Good day everybody..!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Stray Thoughts..!!

  1. Nice update. I am so with you about PMS. Every guy need to be educated about it ni hoina?
    I wish more people in Kathmandu is like you so no one will die because of lack of blood ever. 🙂

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