Posted in July 2012

a smile will do..!!

when the sky is rough and the tides are high you don’t have to clear the sky you don’t have to sober the tides, a smile will do when the answer are hard to find and the questions harder to understand you don’t have find me the answer you don’t have to explain the questions … Continue reading

Happy Bhai Tika..!!

Wrote this one a long time ago(and in a jolly mood) :D..!! And before you guys rush into any conclusions at all, this one is purely “fiction” and in this case fiction is stranger than truth..! एउटा प्रेम कथा छ यस्तो सधै बर्सात कुरी बस्ने खहरे खोला जस्तो न राजा छ त्यो कथा म, न … Continue reading

Highway – a nice surprise.

The hype surrounding the latest movie Highway was tremendous. After LOOT this probably is the only movie that I was actually looking after for two reason, first being the only movie to be showcased at the 62nd Berlin film festival and secondly the ensemble cast of all the next generation actors from Saugat Malla, Karma, … Continue reading

Pioneering Salsa..!!

In yet another issue of the +977, I had a chance to interview Binayek Das Shrestha who is considered as one of the personality to initiate the salsa in Kathmandu. Here is a short chat with him about himself and Salsa..!! Binayek Das Shrestha, is a familiar face in the field of Salsa in Kathmandu, … Continue reading