Moving on..!!

If the hour long travel of 5 kilometers to the airport in the traffic jam isn’t enough, the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu always serves as an embarrassed every time I travel abroad. The only international airport in Kathmandu is so pathetic that it doesn’t even qualify to be a public restroom hola and make things worse some places even has water dripping down the ceiling and the best solution that the airport authority could come up with for the problem is to slide a bucket under it so that the water dripping from the ceiling doesn’t mess up the already messed up floor. Often the cleaners have such bad aim in doing so that the water doesn’t even hit the bucket and half of the time the floor looks like its a mini swimming pool..hehe. Of course that was a little exaggeration on my part but you get the idea of what I saying, right? And the rest room at the airport? Well, I don’t know what the VIP lounge smells like but the waiting area in the N.I.P’s (Not Important People) lounge smells so bad, it could well serve as a torture room. I mean, I would confess all my darkest secrets if I was told that I couldn’t leave the place until I did so..hehe. The one who prepared the world worst airport probably never has been to Nepal, I am assume.

Until couple of years back I was always reluctant travelling into India. Must be those “untrue” stories I have heard. 2 years back, I visited India and went to Bangalore, Kerala, Kanya Kumari and Goa and all those people I met were very nice. In fact, if I sit down and compare I find them way better than people in Nepal(if I generalize that is..hehe). Every time I am here, I wish I was born here instead. The development and advancement in this country actually make me jealous. Of course, there is the same amount of chaos, corruption, political crisis going on in this country as well but than again, at least there is some form of development taking place unlike Nepal, where the politicians are least bothered where the country is heading and the people are least bothered what the politicians are doing. The kind of solidarity that I wish didn’t exist between the politicians and the people in the country. Ahh..I don’t wish to dish the politicians in my country. That, I keep doing everyday when I am back home..hehe

My last visit to India was for a vacation and a memorable one it was. However, this time I had to meet a doctor for Anju’s treatment. The doctors in Kathmandu were suspecting she had endometriosis(more coming on that on later posts) and wanted to go ahead with the treatment but I didn’t want the doctors to treat her for something they suspected and weren’t sure about. After consulting many doctors through internet, we decided to meet Dr. Preeti Tandon of Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon. And the hospital is supposedly one of the best in Asia and why not and I will need to write another post on that. The outstanding service in the hospital only made me realize that the health sector is so pathetic in Nepal that I wouldn’t be ever again able to trust the services of the hospitals in Nepal. Right from the time Anju was admitted to the time she was discharged, she was so well taken care of that I am glad we decided to come here instead. Totally recommend it to anyone looking for a medical service.

Anju’s surgery went well, although she had to stay two extra days in the hospital due to some complication which is sorted now and now I am looking forward to do some shopping and particularly some underwears because those I bought from Bhat Bhateni before leaving Nepal was way too oversized and looks more like half pants..hehe


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