In Hibernation..!!

I am still in hibernation and will be there for some more time hola.

Its been sometimes I have been here. I even almost forgot that I have a blog..hehe. Couple of days back, I saw a dream where I was here in my dashboard and I think I was even writing something kyare. I don’t remember. And that was when I realized I haven’t been here for sometime now. Although I have been getting messages in my inbox with few comments but then I have had much to write about I guess. Anyways, thats that.

Agi, I was returning from somewhere and I saw this huge poster of a Nepali movie (again..!! hehe). The name was “Love You Man” and I was like “Hareyyyy”. So, I checked on youtube and turns out its a story about a boy and a girl and a man in between”. (yes, thats the tagline) Just when you think that the movie making in Nepal is heading for a better days after the immense success of LOOT, they take a u turn and start going downhill with movie like “Chapali Height” and every other movie that followed. None of which has been able to make any kind of impacts on the views whatsoever. And some politically inclined group goes ahead (was it the Baidhya faction??) and bans all foreign movies. I don’t know how many of us went to the theaters to watch movies hola, during the ban. Oh, btw..Nischal Basnet received the best debut director award for Loot raicha ni. He deserves it. He also deserve the award of most down to earth man as well if there is any such award hola hehe and when you talk to him, the celebrity director and the person is like two different people. I hope he stays that way.

The government has not been able to come into any kind of agreement arey. Why would they when they are already enjoying the chaos and all the benefits they get from it. The president gave the parties another 5 days extension with possible extension of another few more years hola ni ali ali gardai. Fuck the roads of KTM, they need to clear the mess inside their parties and their heads as well. BTW, the roads in KTM are undergoing major destruction (construction, I mean..or is it expansion??..whatever) and with that the number of people with the respiratory problems have gone up. I feels like you are in some Chitwan ko jungle with the amount of fog covered roads. During the nights, you can’t even see the roads that you are driving with the lights on pani and I don’t even have the fog lights in my car *:'(* hehe. I wonder when will this expansion be complete so that I can drive around without the fear of getting stuck the traffic jam.

And yesterday I went to watch “Life of Pi”. What an experience it was. I was just overwhelmed with the whole presentation of the movie. Of course, it leaves you with lot of questions but one thing it teaches you is to never lose hope. The actor was truly brilliant and the Tiger leaving without a “Goodbye” was heartbreaking indeed like the adult Pi explains. You will know what I mean when you watch the movie. I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I hate birthdays and how it reminds you how uselessly the year has passed with zero achievements in life and how fruitless your ventures was for. You can call me pessimist but that doesn’t change anything hola ni hai. Being pessimist is being realistic at least unlike optimism is all about imagining the ideal situation that you want for yourself.

Yep, I am just gonna stop on that note. I am going to make this one blatant.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone out there. May the new year bring nothing but good news to you and your family.  🙂

9 thoughts on “In Hibernation..!!

  1. Happy birthday for starters da!
    Good to see your “hola ni’s ” back :))
    Life of pi is amazing. I cried and shall keep crying. It’s modern day lion king and I love animal centric movies.
    Wish you a good year ahead oh also.. Pessimism stops you from progressing while optimism gives you hope for tomorrow. 😉 (sikhnu parey ni from pi Patel kyaare!) hehe

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