and the new year begins.!!

Its already 2013 and I have had zero achievements so far to whatever I was hoping I would achieve in 2012. Like 2011, 2012 was a shit of a year basically. It might sound like I am whining but than at this point I don’t give a rat’s ass about what it sounds like because the only thing I felt significant in 2012 was that bad ass KONY got famous, thats all.

After 2012, I basically do not have anything to look forward to. Seriously. So I have quit the job that I so detested and have started my own company finally. I am giving it two years time and hopefully I start getting my returns on all that I have invested on. So, instead of any resolutions, all I am planning to do this year is work my heart off on this company.

So, here is wishing you everyone out there a healthy new year 2013. May you have what you wished for and all those that you deserve.

3 thoughts on “and the new year begins.!!

  1. Hi Meengma, been browsing your page almost everyday but there isn’t any post lately… suk suk…

    Anyways, you must be busy for newly owned company. Good luck and hope your ROI comes before your stated time.. Fingers crossed.. tc..

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