In the land of deaf and mute..!!

It has been a long time I have been here. However, I thought it was necessary to share this video that has gone viral in least on the news-feed of the Nepali users. I have not been able to see the video but the sound of the cry explains it all.

Apparently, the dog bite some people around that area and thus it had to die a brutal death in the hands of Nepal Police. If that is the case I think we all should go ahead and shoot and beat our politicians to death hola ni because each day they are sucking the blood out of the country and its people. If a dog has to die such painfully death because it bite some people than my theory is that all the netas of this country should die even more painful death.

If the dog was the problem, there are better solutions to overcome it. There are NGO’s like KAT and Animal Nepal working for the welfare of the dog and they should have been informed. I ask the Nepali Police, there are problems of street child in the heart of Thamel so does that mean you are going to shoot them to death too? And who gave the authority to them? Are they allowed to kill the animal with such brutal behavior?

If you think this is brutal, please go ahead and fill up the petition. The least you can do instead of just commenting about it on facebook. I don’t know how much it will help but it is a step towards the animal rights at least.




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