Been away for sometime now. I often read my previous posts and think if it was me who wrote all those myself.. Hehe. Thanks to Ami who keeps reminding me every now and then that I have a blog.

I have been doing a lot of salsa for the past few weeks. There are two reasons to do that.. First it takes me away from my world of responsibilities where I am just me, just the music and me and the other reason *ahem* is to lose some calories. Yes, yo bhudi ghatam bhanyaaaa morey ghatdainaaa.. Hehe. Anyways thats that.

The Sajha bus has resumed its service. I am glad they did. Some good competition to all those bloody micro walas. And the Sajha bus actually goes into the airport so next time you fly into kathmandu, you don’t have to bargain with the taxi driver who overcharge you with more than 400%. And the taxi drivers might just start another andolan to stop them sajha bus to discontinue the airport route for obvious reasons. Bloody bunch of parasites..

Anyone watched Badhshala? Cant help talking about movies now, can I? Hehe. If you haven’t than I suggest you do. Damn good movie and damn good Anup Baral. I even messaged Anup Baral to congratulate him for the movie. One of the actor we should really be proud of. Now waiting for his Fitkiri.

I am still thinking of things I want to write about and there are so much I want to write about but sometimes you just gotta keep things to yourself hola ..let it burn you..hurt you because what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger kyare..

Goodnight.. Sleep tight.

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