Travelling in a Micro bus.

Travelling in a public vehicle for those who have experienced has always been a nightmare of some sort in Nepal. While the roads into the rurals are no more than a question of life and death, the travel in some part in Kathmandu is no less either (a little exaggeration there but still). I try no travelling in any public vehicle and this must be one of the reason I love my bike. In fact, I’d be handicapped without it. The “Sajha Bus” that has resumed its service might be a relief to many of the Kathmanduties, it is yet to reach everyone in need of it. If you have been in Kathmandu and travelled in the local bus I am sure you will agree that its adventure of its kind. For those travelling for their everyday chores, it must be such a pain in the ass and I mean literally. And than travelling in a Micro (read the Nepali “METROS”) is another experience in itself. They have one rule and that is there is no rule when coming to the number of people that are supposed to be there at a time. If you have noticed how your mom prepared a “Gundruk” than this might actually be an experience of becoming a Gundruk yourself..hehe. The 16 seater Micros can hold up to (believe it or not) 61 people ( taking the liberty of a little exaggeration here as well). But you got the idea, right? If you were in a Human Resource Department, you could actually learn how to make the optimum utilisation of the resource available from these microwalas..(pun intended).

So, it was raining and I decided to go on a bumping spree today on a Micro just for the heck of it and while I must tell you I was having a very very hard time typing all these. So, after a 10 minutes of wait comes a Micro with only 6 peoples in it. Must be my luck day, I think and hop in. “Ohh la la la Ohh la la, tu hai meri fantasyyyyy” was ringing on the highest possible level of volume and the music were shooting my ears from its speakers that might as well qualify for a “water bucket” of some sort. There were around 7 people in it with each looking dead tired after their hectic day (or the micro travel, I don’t know). Each one at this point wanted nothing but to reach home as soon as possible or jump off the micro maybe. The next on the playlist of driver dai is a tittle “Driver dai”. I have the habit of choose the last seat from the school days and the micro wasn’t going to be any exception. But believe me, choosing a back seat in a micro is one of those rare mistakes in your life that you will regret for the rest of your travel..hehe because the roads of KTM has 1)bumps after each 10m. and potholes are each 2m. from the bumps so if you calculate the amount of time you would be actually seated would be around 25% of the travel time. And for the rest of the time?? are flying high above your seats..hehe. A roller coaster would be a “business class seat” on a 5 star airlines compared to the back seat of these micros hola baru..hehe. So, I was saying the song playing next was “Driver Dai, Ghumtii Ghumtii ma, Mod Mod ma, bachau hai”. The driver dai must be really touched with the song OR NOT but I was thinking, who writes these songs and who sings these kinds of song? and I wonder which passenger woud actually be singing like that. The roads look like there was some major earthquake recently. I wonder how its going to be when one actually hits KTM.

“Ratna park, Sundhara”, shouts the little boy from inside giving a teasing look at every girl they see walking by. As the Micro halts for a while, people start pouring in and I am thinking, “Here we go, Lets become Gundruk, now”..hehe. The fun part of it is you hear funny remarks from people inside. “Yaha ta Uthna ni mildaina, basna ni mildaina” shouted one. As we headed from one big bump that nearly made us back seaters fly out of the window one shouted, “Mero phokso nai chutyo yar”. Another laughingly shouts“Bharkhar khana khako, feri bhok lagyo yar” and another looks at the little conductor bhai and makes a joke, “Bhai timi yaha basa, ma herchu baru manche haru lai”..hehe. More people are pouring in and the place is stuffed with people already but the driver dai is in no mood in letting a single passenger walk home today. He is in a personal mission to “Collect everyone and drop them everywhere”. I don’t know why but the vivid image of stuffed turkey is playing in my mind…hehe

And I hate all the dohori songs that keeps playing in these micros. Why are all the driver dai ko playlist full of Biyoganta dohoris? I fail to understand. There was a girl standing with no seat next to the door and I wanted to ask her to take my seat but for that I’d have to climb over some 5 people and she woudn’t get the seat anyway plus I was almost reaching where I had to go. Before one more stop and there is no seat inside yet the drive wants more passengers and I am like “WTF”. The next stop, I pay the little bhai the money and get out as soon as possible and stamp on some 4 people as I made my way out. I had enough of adventure of the day and more some years pani hola.

I miss my bike already.





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