Something from the past.

Okay, this is a little embarrassing but I am going to go ahead and do this. I recorded few of my songs couple of years ago which obviously didn’t make to much of the listeners out there except for few of my friends and this one was supposed to be the best one in the lot arey. I don’t know I never really liked them and to be very frank have always been embarrassed to even talk about it.

Now here is little interesting story (maybe not.. hehe). This song was originally supposed to be sung by THE “Mingma Sherpa”. Yes, the one who is famous for his “Cham Cham” and “Namuna”. Initially, I had was supposed to record and sing “Namuna” but for some reason (which are now quite obvious), my good friend wanted to sing that song instead. This was was his composition and he wanted to exchange this song with “Namuna”. I agreed and rest is history. Anyways, couple of years down the line, I am sharing this song here.

So, here it is… *runs off*



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