It was just starting to rain and the traffic was a little more chaotic (read: next to no vehicular movement) than usual at the maitighar intersection. I was wondering why when I realized there was a football match between Nepal and Pakistan. Suddenly there was the answer to my question, “where are all these people heading with flag of Nepal?”.

The 13th SAAF Championship started with good news for Nepal beating Bangladesh with 2-0. Good new for Nepali fans who have always been disappointed with the results at the end of the game. The game between Pakistan and Nepal was important because it would decide the fate of the country to whether or not it will proceed to the next round. The Pakistani team took the lead until 90th minutes and during the injury time, Bimal Gharti Magar, a young debutante from Nepal scored his first international goal for Nepal. The sound of the people cheering was heard from the stadium to Banewshower and till Patan (As per facebook updates). I even heard the neigbour shouting and they probably heard me too. The cheer for Nepal was amazing and what was more interesting was that the country was cheering for Nepal irrespective of “Jaat and Dharma”. I am sure the team consist of players from all Himal, Pahad and Tarai” and from all caste and ethnicity but each one cheered for the country. And that is how the country should be. Fuck all the politicization bullshit of the caste and ethnicity. (Pardon the F word)

I wish the netas of this country had that kind of sensibility. Instead of breaking the country into parts, they could bring forces from all corners of the country to make it a prosperous one. I recently watched a video of Prachanda where he talks about how he has been fooling the people. How at the end of the video he says, “Hami Bhaley bhaisakey pachi” where he shows no respect for gender equality. I felt pity for the people, I felt pity for myself, I even felt pity for my dogs. A handful of such vision-less leaders are on the driving seat of this country so how can we expect the country to take a leap of faith. I wonder if there is going to be any election at all or are these netas in rush to release the budget of millions for the monkey dance.

Gagan Thapa’s tweet read “आजको खेलमा नेपालले अन्तिम समयमा गरेको गोलले ल्याएको खुशी रंगशालामा देख्दा खेलकुद नेपाललाई जोड्ने कडी बन्न सक्ने विश्वास भयो।” I hope he knows what he is talking about and I hope he knows how he can do that because its time the leaders walked the talk. Because other leaders like Baburam was busy watching a bollywood flick Satyagraha and his tweet read “It’s always a treat to watch Prakash Jha film. SATYAGRAHA maintains that tradition . Worth watching.” and god knows what Prachanda was doing. Having a lap dance from Rekha Thapa, probably..hehe

Watch Prachanda’s video here at : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=607823745934589

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