Nepal v/s Afghanistan.

The game for Nepal and Afghanistan about to kick off in a while. The stadium is covered in red and looks like the country is ready for yet another victory  and looking forward to the road to finals at the Dasrathrangasala stadium.

I wish I was there as well in the stadium itself to cheer to the country but never-mind, I will do the live update..hehe..soo keep hitting that refresh button in case starts taking shit load of time to load.. haha

Starting XI against Afghanistan is as follows:

Goal Keeper: Kiran Chemjong

Defense: Sagar, Sandeep, Rabin and Biraj

Midfield: Rohit, Bhola, Raju and Bharat.

Forward: Anil and Jumanu.

Along the cheering people, I also see Baburam and Hisila Yami in the crowd. I am sure they didn’t have to buy tickets in Black like the other citizens had to..hehe

6:27. The players are making their entry into the grounds with their respective flags. Nepal are in with their favorite Red Jersey and the Afghanistan are in White Jersey.

First the national anthem of Afghanistan and the music stops halfway. Some bloody technical malfunction hola

6:31. Nepal’s national anthem and the crowd are cheering and going mad. People cheering along.

The games starts.

Bharat Khwas made a beautiful attempt. Corner for Nepal

02:22. Free kick for Afghanistan and a catch from the keeper.

04:44 Goal kick from Nepal.

Both team in the attacking and people still cheering for the country.

06:00. Corner for Afghanistan. Punched by the keeper and another Corner and a catch from the keeper.

08:18 Foul and a free kick that nearly made it to the post. Punched by the keeper and a corner for Nepal

09:50. Corner for Afghanistan

10:24 Goal for Afghanistan. Nepal behind with 1 – 0. A little miscalculation from Kiran Chemjong.

12:17 Corner for Nepal.

13:21 Foul on Jumanu Rai from Afghanistan.

16:00 A player is down from Nepal’s side and the game is hold for a while.

18:00 Raju Tamang taking the corner.

19:40. Jumanu Rai offside

22:00 Free kick from Nepal but not much luck.

34:00 A free kick from Nepal but the makes it to the keeper unfortunately.

37:00 A corner from Raju Tamang and almost a goal.

39:00 Great shot from Nepal but stopped by the keeper and corner but not much of a help.

3 back to back saves from the Afghanistan Keeper.

43:45 Anil Gurung. Offside.

45:00 A corner from Nepal but again not fruitful.

2 minutes of added time before half time.

1st Half with Nepal 0 and 1 Afghanistan.

45:00 The game starts again.

46:00 A corner kick for Nepal but not the best one.

58:00 A substitution for Afghanistan.

61:00 A change for Nepal. Bimal is in and Raju Tamang is out.

67:00 A player down from Afghanistan.

78:00 Offside for Jumanu Rai again.

85:00 Penalty for Nepal. This could be Nepal’s chance to come back.

86:00 Penalty blocked but yet another penalty shot.

87:00 Another miss penalty.

7 minutes added but nothing much to gain from it, looks like it.

FINAL SCORE. Nepal loses with 1 nil against Afghanistan.

Bad day for the country I guess.


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