I am a firm believer of destiny. That what needs to happen will happen and its already written. Thus our president Mr. Ram Baran was the first Nepali to hold the World Cup. There was a lot of hype surrounding the world cup with slogans like “Drink a coke ani World Cup Bok (read: hold up)”.. hehe. When I saw the paper this morning and saw the president carrying the world cup, I laughed and I felt pity on him and than I laughed because I felt pity on him. Yes, in that particular order..hehe. Maybe now he can retire because his work is done. He can go back and do his “Kheti” and leave the rest of the monkeys to play with the coconut.

Aba Dhoom 3 ko kura garum(Obviously) So much hype surrounding it hai. Maybe because Amir Khan is playing a baddie hola ni. Ani kheri Katrina Kaif ko acrobats. I wanted to watch it too but no way I am going to queue up for the tickets. The only place I queue up is at the petrol pump ko queue. That too because I’d rather queue there instead of driving around in a reserve. There is no ticket areyy.. till next week rey. And than we were having tea yesterday and one of my friend comment “Oh, you guys wanted to watch Dhoom 3?? I have 6 charity tickets lying on my office desk” It was 715 pm when he said that and the movie started at 6pm. I remember the saying “daney daney be likha hai khane waley ka naam”. That dana was not in our name kyare

Oh! I have become a salsa instructor now. Its fun. One more thing to the list of things I do and love doing. I love teaching salsa. You meet all kinds of people. The super dancers who can intimidate you, the moderate and the non-dancers. And every time I teach the non dancers I feel pity for my maths teacher during the school days because I am sure I did exactly the same what the non dancers do to me at the salsa class. But the fun is when you see the non dancers trying hard to do the steps and when they start doing at least the basics. Its fun. I think the people enjoy my class. I try to make it as casual as possible. The thing is I always felt I could never be a good teacher because I just don’t have the patience. I have tried teaching in the past and failed miserably. But teaching salsa takes me to a different zone altogether. Its like my zone, my area, my rules ha. hehe

I also started working in a new office now. Senior Manager, Business Development. A lot better place that the one I was working before. The people around are young and good energy. So far so good.

Is this blog becoming my personal diary or what?? 

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