Okay, I admit it. I am writing this post for the sake of writing a post because I have been gone for sometime (like always). Or maybe not. I don’t do things just for the sake of doing it or maybe I do. Oh yes, I travel for the sake of travelling..hehe.

The other day I had an office party and than I was running out of gas so I was hoping the gas wouldn’t run out but firstly I was hungry and secondly I already had enough gas running out of me. 😛 (Yes, I suffer from constipation). Ohh.I need to tell you about this funny incident. Well..I thought it was funny. I went to the doctor because I have had gastritis for as long as I can remember and than constipation (consider it a bonus). So, yea..I went to a doctor and told him about it and after all the USG and endoscopy..he even said coloscopy which I wouldn’t do cuz its like a pervert..a psychotic one..shoving up a pipe up your ass and watching you suffer and enjoying it and I’d be the victim here if I did it so its a NOOOO.. hehe. Anyways, so the doctor did all his thing that he does to everyone and than prescribed me a medicine for the constipation and guess what the name of the medicine is. “DOWNLOAD”..yep, thats the name of the medicine. Its like he provided me a router now to download my shit because the one inbuilt is like downloading 56kbps and apparently it should download 512mbps. Thats the highest download speed I know so don’t blame me when I say 56kbps. They funny thing is I told about it here in my office and Priyanka is like “Mingma dai, download bhayoo”. hehe. I can say proudly though, yesterday, the download was complete. It was buffering for the past 4 days. *sigh of relief* haha..

Where was I?? oh yes..the gas that I was running out of..I end up talking about gas running out of me..I do that always..ALWAYS.

So, I was running out of gas and I was looking for gas station and I saw the word “पेट्रोल” which means gas and I felt the word “पेट्रोल”looks so inadequate without the word “छैन” because when you are almost out of fuel there is always some kind of strike going on and there is no petrol in the city or in the country for that matter.

There, I wanted to talk about that and all out of words now.

What the hell..!!


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