Dream chronicles..!!

We all dream. But what if there is a pattern in your dreams that you see? Does that mean anything? Does that have some kind of interpretation? I keep seeing that the world is coming to an end. I see the skies and wierd phenomenon taking place up there like the clouds are forming shapes, another earth in the sky dropping on to ours and stuffs like that. And it happens a lot of time. I wonder if it means something and if it does what it is.

Day before yesterday I had similar dream. That there was a huge tsunami and the world was going to end. My house was crashing down and somehow I managed to escape. I was thinking about my aquarium and felt they would live since they could swim but I was dead worried about my dogs. I don’t remember what happened to my family though. It was funny however that I saw I was saving Babu Ram Acharaya. What wierd connection is that..hehe

I was going through my evernotes drafts and saw some of those dreams that I saw and woke up and wrote it incase I would forget them the next day and this happened in 3 consecutive days. I am just copying whatever I wrote then.

Forgot my work
Running without a shirt although i remembered i had a bike but didnt want to go back to take it.
Animals legs being chopped off alive
Didnt know where to go
Blood everywhere n animals crying
December 20, 2012, 3:37 am

Cant remember what i did but i have been announced death sentence by injecting poison
I am taken to a place but the person who is suppose to burn me after my death refuses to carry me after injecting me and after my death
I ask the person to take me to pashupati and inject me there so he doesnt have to carry me and burn me straight away after i die.
I dont know why but i ask the man to take me to my uncle and ask for his forgiveness because i dont have anyone to take care of my mom. He stays quiet.
I ask the person to take me to my mom one last time.
I see mom, i hug mom and cry like i have never cried in my life and ask her to take care of herself.
I actually saw death.
I wake up with a heavy heart again.
December 22, 2012. 1:20am
I am late for work.

My mom wants me to stay longer and insists me.
Says she will call anju and ask her.
I shout at her.
She throws water on me.
She talks like she is drunk.
Suddenly she stops talking and her left eyes swell and her hands stops moving.
I know its a paralytic attack.
I carry mom and run crying and shouting “no mom, no mom”
I wake up.
And i feel i am going into depression. I feel like killing myself right now.
December 23, 2012. 6:10 am

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