Maha Shiva Ratri et al.

Maha Shiva Ratri is coming up next week. How do I remember that? No, I am not into joints and gaja and dhaturo and not remotely excited about the whole shivaratri thing. We used to have loads of fun when we were kids because during shiva ratris we had the liberty to go into the neighborhood and steal away the anything wooden to burn it on THE night. The level of the pranks went to its height once when we literally stole somebody’s door and burnt it…hehe. Anyways, the reason I remember it is because yesterday I received an email from my bank saying that I could purchase a special entry ticket for Rs. 1000. I am like “what the fuck”. During the Shiva Ratri, many sadhus come from around the world (read: India) to pay their tribute to lord shiva at pashupatinath (by smoking joints and carrying big stones tied on a rope with their dicks) and amusing tourists in hordes. There are thousand of ladies lined up for the “shiva ko darshan”. Apparently, they want their husbands like Lord Shiva himself. I don’t understand why would anyone want a husband who smokes joints and is lost of days. Must be the power and position he holds..hmmm.. So these ladies line up for hours to “puja garing” lord shiva. Now, the officials and pujaris(of course from India) from pashupati and the banks have decided to cash the religious day. So they are selling special entry tickets. I am sure lord shiva will be more than happy to bless the ones with money first. Must be the reason why the “paisa bhane pachi, mahadev to ni teen netra”. But this needed? Can people not have the sense of consumerism in every fucking thing?

Last week it was “valentine’s day” when the hershey chocolates, archies cards, the flower seller in the galli all made quite a good amount of money. Everyone in the mall was happy paying double the money for a fucking pot of tea and confectionery. Not knowing they have been manipulated by a group of people who would cash in the death of their mothers and sons if they could. Is this what we want?

Sorry for the harsh words today, I am just feeling low because I am loosing a lot of weight lately and none of my fucking pants fits in well anymore. what the fuck..seriously.

Yep, Rs. 1000 for shiva ko darshan.

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