Kora 2014

Cycling was something I remember loving since my childhood days. I remember renting a bicycle in Chakrapath (now Narayan Gopal Chowk) for Rs. 5 and heading towards Gopi Krishna Hall (there wasn’t any Gopi Krishnall there then though) because it was all “oralo” and while returning I couldn’t cycle back so I threw the bicycle on the road side and went home and didn’t go back to that shop. 5 days later the cycle was in the same shop and it was such a relief. I still think how that cycle made it to that shop again.

There was another incident where I stole a bicycle and rode it down the “oralo” and threw it while coming back because I couldn’t ride back. (almost feel like a serial killer of bicycles now..haha).

Anyways, I was hoping to get a bike for many years now and recently when Gill and Harry (click link to know more about them) came to Nepal, I ordered mine as well. Harry was getting a good deal for me and I grabbed the chance with both hands and got myself Carrera – Vengeance bike for myself.

Coming back to Kora 2014 (what is Kora 2014??? Go google yourself) I hadn’t heard about it really. It was when somebody told me about it and then I went online to search about it. Apparently, this is the 3rd instalment of its kind. So I decided to sign up for 50 km. Along with me I also signed up for Gill and Harry.

So, on June 19th, we got up at 6 and headed towards Patan. The ride from Kapan to Patan itself was 13 kms ride so we would basically be doing 50kms Kora plus another 26 kms ghar dekhi tyaaaa samma and back. Along the way there were other cyclist rushing towards Patan and most of them in red tshirt provided by the organiser. Save the children “Every one” the tshirt read. I sort of like that “every one”, I don’t know why.. Maybe it emphasises a bit more than just the plain statement “Save the Children”. Every one. Yes, Everyone.

So yeah, many other cyclist were rushing towards Patan where 1600+ cyclist were gathered to do the Kathmandu Kora. I felt like it was a day when cycling brought together so many people for a common cause. (what was the cause? go google that yourself feri).

The Kora started at 745AM after that breakfast (egg and banana) provided by the organiser. The only chya pasal near the place I knew was closed down and a day doesn’t  really start for me without mittho chya but it did that day. It had to. When the Kora started, the whole traffic in Patan was in chaos. I have been stuck in such chaos before but somehow I was enjoying it this time. The local bus and micro drivers frustration and their honking was all adding up to the excitement of kora itself.

The route was amazing that took us to the outskirts of the Kathmandu city and to most of the places that I have been. I would get lost if I had to go there again but of course some of the single tracks were pretty amazing. There were few water stops along the way which of course felt like heaven.

We came all the way from Raniban to Balaji through Grande Hospital to Basbari and to Kapan and we stopped for lunch at some school in Boudha (phewwwww). The interesting thing about the school was it was all made of bamboo. The sun was excruciatingly hot and I’d rather go swimming. So, we had lunch at the school and then headed off towards Pashupati to Pepsi Cola to Koteshor to Gwarko and then to Patan. We reached at around 2 pm hola at Patan. They were even handling over medals to those who completed the Kora. I was sitting next to where they started distributing the medals and that was the only thing that I didn’t like. They were distributing medals like UN was distributing breads in Somalia. It almost felt like there was a tug of war going on. After seeing that I didn’t even want the medal so I didn’t even take one. After that we just went to some cafe in Patan and had couple of beers ani khoi k chicken with honey rey. Ani then another 13 kms of drive back and after all that cycling the ride back to home  was basically jyaaaauuuuu..!!

All in all – Kora 2014 – A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Great organisation, great coordination, great people. Totally worth it.

And while I am updating this blog, my chak hurts like it has been spanked for the whole day. Not that naughty spanking ni feri but that sasastra prahari wala spanking. Chak ko keema bhayo.. hehe

Everyone was taking selfies with all reds and blues on the background and I even forgot to do that. But I did manage to take some few pictures.

Harry and Gill posing for me

Harry and Gill posing for me

and that was not even half of the cyclist.

and that was not even half of the cyclist.

and this was the only place where I couldn't help stop and take picture. Amazing place.

and this was the only place where I couldn’t help stop and take picture. Amazing place.



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