Modi v/s Nadi.

Over the few days I have been reading just one headlines in the paper and everything else that provides some kind of information to the people – “Prime minister Modi is coming to Nepal”. And on the day with the excitement the nature lost its cool and there is a landslide at Sunkoshi river.

Prelude: The government is cleaning the whole country (read Kathmandu). (they should be cleaning themselves baru. (cleansing garey ni huncha)

Scene 1: A lot have been said about his travel to Nepal in the media. The other days the news anchor was talking about what he was wearing and not wearing (For that matter). Which way he took to go to Pashupatinath. How much money was donated to the temple (25 crores arey). Where he had his dinner and if the journalist were allowed, I am sure they would report how much of weight did he shit in the Hyatt’s hotel and weather or not he was wearing an underwear when he was sleeping in his bedroom.

Scene 2: The recently flood has claimed at least 33 lives of the people in the area. They are basically homeless now. People have lost their homes and lands and families and HOPE. Many people have been blocked at the border including tourist who are coming from Tibet to Nepal. Choppers are being used to airlift people stuck in the are (of course for those who can pay).

Scene 3: A chopper that landed at the last resort to receive tourist who were stuck killed the manager of “the last resort”. (now I know why its called a chopper) and the pilot is being held for the incident.

A lot of things maybe happening in the past week but the only things that has been being fed into the minds of Nepalese and how Modi’s visit will turn the corrupt mentality of our Netas into something fruitful for the country. ( which aint’ happenin’).

And it is interesting to realize that the Nepalese media covers story in alphabetical order. For example: The news of “M”odi (Indian prime minister visiting Nepal) will come first and only after that the news of “N”adi (the river sunkoshi’s flood).  That however can change if it involves billions of cash. And by cash I mean “cash inflow” and not “cash outflow”.

Now, that Modi is gone, the media will go back to covering the news of flood which pretty much isn’t that important to the media or the government. Lets see how much of that money given by “Modi” will go into the incident of “Nadi”.


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