Domination of the nomination.

The internet is flooded with people throwing ice over them and nominating few other people who would do the same. Its for a good cause and its a good thing because people are at least aware of the ALS disease now and in raising millions of dollars.

The Ice bucket challenge has finally hit Nepal as well.(Say “yeeee” and I will slap you). I have seen people in some of the videos and they didn’t even have any ice, it was just water. WTF really!!. (stupidity ko ni limit huncha ni). I for one have decided to punch if any of my friends nominate me. There are two reasons mainly:
1. They don’t know anything about what ALS is or what ice bucket challenge is or where to donate or how to donate.
2. I don’t have enough ice in my refrigerator and I am not going into Bhat Bhateni buying it for Rs. 50 per packet.

The world is doing enough to donate for the ALS cause.

In Nepal, however, we have a bigger issue right now. (Bigger because we can do more for this issue than ALS). The flood that has created a mess in people’s lives in Sindhupalchok area. And some really innovative people have come up with a better idea to make better use of the bucket where you put stuff inside a bucket and take it to any 3 places:
1. Mulchowk Restaurant, Baber Mahal.
2.’s office in Arun Thapa Chowk
3. Curves, Lalitpur (near bhatbhateni).

While people are suffering the internet flood with the icebucket challenge virutally, there are quite a lot of people suffering real time with the real flood so maybe we all can do a little in our own way to help them people there instead because quite frankly the government is not going to do shit about this because they have much important stuff to discuss right now like Chari and doing maanpari.

More information on image below.



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