Talakjung V/s Tulke.

201471411933384734_20The movie starts with a national anthem requesting viewers to stand up. I saw a lot of people just sitting there when rest of them stood up when the national anthem was playing. I am thinking to myself, these must be those people who complain about how the government has given them nothing and how they deserve better from this country when they can’t even stand up and pay respect for their own national anthem in a movie theater. But anyways, that was just me over thinking and over analyzing stuffs. Who cares right??

With great power comes great responsibility. After the success of Loot and Kabbaddi, I think Nischal Basnet is gifted with great power. The power to pull the crowd into the movie theater just by his name. With this he is also responsible not to let the crowd down. Does he live up to the expectation? Of course he does. After the success of the movie, I was asked to do a cover story for a magazine in Australia – +977. I met couple of times with him in due course and one question I had asked him specifically was what was his next project. He never talked about this movie though. His next movie Kabbaddi as an actor was better than Loot in many ways.  So, when Talakjung V/s Tulke was announced, I had said that I would go watch it the day it released and I did because like many other people who has seen his work  and believed in him, I knew he wouldn’t let the viewers down. Did he live up to the humongous expectation people had on him? YES. I will tell you why I think so. The success of LOOT and KABBADI has established him as a bankable director/actor. He knows the trick of the trade. He could have easily continued to roll on and cash on the same genre of movies i.e. Masala movies. But he choose to walk down the road that even he did not know where it would take him and I think he needs a big round of applause for doing that. Talakjung V/S Tulke is not your regular movie. You will need to watch this movie forgetting LOOT or KABBADDI because if you do so, you will be disappointed. The movie is about a guy named Talakjung and thats about it. The story is simple but what is amazing is how the director sticks to the plot throughout the movie, add to that the cinematography and the story telling. The actors and special mention should go to Tulke himself who shines as Tulke. (pun intended). The language, the background score and everything else in the movie is perfectly balanced. However, I think there was absolutely no need for the item song. I know the last movie needed it but not this one. You are there watching an intense story and out of nowhere there is this item song that is a little too long and a little too loud. The sub plot that included Dayahang Rai would make not difference if it wasn’t there. Frankly speaking, I think the director wanted Dayahang Rai to be there so just chipped in the sub plot for him. It just made the movie a bit longer. Richa Sharma was good as well including the supporting cast. Thank you for not including any “cheesy run around the trees” songs in the movie because more and more nepali movies need that. All in all, another movie by Nischal Basnet, which will be remembered for its original story, screenplay, cinematography and the main character TULKE himself. What Loot did for Haku Kale should do the same for Tulke as well. Watch it for the effort of the director in giving us some fresh story and the actor TULKE himself.


5 thoughts on “Talakjung V/s Tulke.

  1. Have I missed so much of good movies? I asked this to myself after watching this movie Talakjung vs tulke. You have posed this almost a year ago and pity that I watched it just today. Wow! Everyone has acted so naturally. Entire team should get a big pat on their shoulders. Kabbadi was also great!

    How have you been doing Meeng? No post lately??

    • Yes, this was a nice movie. Kabaddi ni dami hai.

      “So far so good so what” bhanya jasto cha situation…hehe. You have changed your location?? You don’t seem to be in Pokhara anymore…hehe

      • Aaa ni, kabaddi ni ramro lagyo, hasda hasda….. Mr rai has definitely got bundle of talent….

        Me…. jumping like a toad between ktm and pkr. Neta haru le ki ta barta milaunu parcha ki ta upaya khojnu parcha natra ko pali ko dasai tihar jhaulo khadai bitcha….ani tes pachi ke ke huncha huncha….. Situation is quite scary!

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