A Sincere post..!!

I have posted many of the past post just for the sake of posting. Not this one. This one is a sincere post that I have written in years.

The past 4 days have been the most hectic in my life. Hectic in a good way though. The crash landing of Turkish Air Flight TK726 that was carrying 224 people literally stopped all international air connection with the outer world for 4 long days. While this brought a choas into the lives of many people, I for one think that the situation could have been worse. All those who were affected by the cancellation and have been cursing the airport authorities for not being able to solve the problem in time should actually be thanking their luck that there were no casualties involved. Because (if you can see it from my perspective), it was just a stupid plane that nose dived into the runaway of our small airport creating chain reaction and havoc. The situation could have been much much worse, I repeat again. Imagine the impact it would have had if it crashed into the airport or the near the villages around the city. The effect would have been massive. There was no way the airport would open in 4 days otherwise. Just the thought scares the shit out of me. Just looking on the positive side of the events, I guess.

I had around 60 guests in Kathmandu, all stranded and unsure about their onward flights of Odysseys and Gate 1 travel. It was a hard time trying to manage the flights, get the rooms, coordinating with the guides. 4 days of my career that never came and that will never come possibly and made me understand what I am capable of. The adrenaline rush was super high and I found myself giving 200% of what I could and managed to get them all on board and on time. The praises coming from all quarters of the world for the job done was more than satisfying and I can’t thank my team enough for their hard work done.

Special mention to Prabin Lakhe and Sandesh Shrestha who worked in the previous office that I worked (that I don’t even wanna take name of) were god send who helped me take 33 of my passengers from Biratnagar to Kakkarbhitta and then to Bagdogra. I own them big time for their help and without them it would have been really difficult for me. Also, Swati Lohani (a sweetheart from the day) from Indigo Air, who helped me sort out 2 final seats for my clients without whom it would have been impossible. That was like the final 2% of the 100% success even during such crisis. She actually came out to receive them and personally took them with her for check in.

Before leaving the previous office I was unsure of what I would do next. Of course, I had this offer from this present office and I had my share of reluctance but after 3 months of leaving that shitty job in that office and joining this one, I have come to the realization that it was one of the best decision I have made in my career so far. The previous office left no stone unturned to make me feel miserable, (although I must say that I had the best colleagues ever specially Ashish and Shakira) and never really acknowledged the things that I did and at one point I almost gave up my career. I kept all that feelings to myself and was waiting for the right time to say it and I guess this is it. I am so glad that I could leave them behind just at the right time. I learnt a lot in there as well and made some great friends like Ashish.

All in a all, the Turkish airlines crash may have come with bad news but eventually turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me.


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