Nepal will rise.

Hello Everyone outside Nepal,

I know the news from Nepal is heart breaking. It is indeed very sad for the whole country going through a moment like this. There are people living out on the street with little food and water supplies and unsure weather or not they should go back to their houses or the remains. News of theft, shopkeeper raising their the prices for the supplies and the government not doing anything to help it. But trust me there are more good people out there than bad. I have seen it myself. I have not yet seen any shopkeeper increasing the prices, haven’t seen any thefts around (only rumours), and the government is doing whatever is possible.

While we have been hit hard by the earthquake, please do not worry because life is slowly getting back to normalcy. It will take time to heal this pain but the people are hopeful. WE ARE HOPEFUL.

People who are from outside the valley, please be patient. Rescue teams and a lot of volunteers are planning to get there and help the people in anyway they can and will soon reach there. We know its hard for you to understand people focusing on the cities but due to lack of proper communication and the road conditions, the coordination is taking some time. Trust us, we have not forgotten them because the whole world is with us.

Please don’t worry because although it is one of the toughest time for our country, it is not as bad as they are showing it on TV. More of the damages has been done in the rural areas. Due to the roads to those places it is difficult to get there however rescuers are trying to get there. The whole country is working together to get back on our feet.

Keep us in your prayers and pass all the positive news you can.


4 thoughts on “Nepal will rise.

  1. You will be held with the whole country and people there in my heart and prayers. Lots of love and light to you all. ❤

  2. That tremor still terrifies all of us but we wont lose our hope for better nepal…. praying for our country and our people…..

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