Posted in May 2015

Are we prepared enough..?

The recent earthquake in Japan and its repercussion have left the world shocked. The technologically superior country like Japan faced the history’s most disastrous earthquake with thousands dead and thousands out of touch with their family. Those who survived  are living their days without food, water, electricity and even minimum facilities they require. Rescues are…

On a serious note.

The earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale hit Nepal with epicenter near Barpak followed by powerful aftershocks and new earthquake of 6.7 Richter scale again on April 26 causing extensive damage to the building and killing 8617 people till date. Building including historic sites that represented Nepal in the world of tourism was damaged. The quake … Continue reading

Nepal will rise…indeed…!!

Dear everyone in and outside Nepal, One week has passed and still it feels like I am dreaming. I wish I was. Nepal has been hit badly with the recent earthquake the past few days have been trying both physically and emotionally. Its great to see all the youths desperately trying to help with the … Continue reading