Nepal will rise…indeed…!!

Dear everyone in and outside Nepal,

One week has passed and still it feels like I am dreaming. I wish I was. Nepal has been hit badly with the recent earthquake the past few days have been trying both physically and emotionally.

Its great to see all the youths desperately trying to help with the selfless act. With eagerness to go and help anyone, I wish there was a bit more of a coordination with the people in need and the people trying to provide. Keeping accounts of where the supplies has been sent and where it is desperately in need.

The worst has passed. We have seen the worst and things should only get better from here. In the past few days, you have seen Nepal fall down and seen each and everyone trying and helping Nepal to stand up to its feet.

After a week and observing things, I have few requests to everyone out there watching news and reading updates on facebook and twitter.

Please stop watching Indian news channels because they are just over sensationalizing everything. Ignore them because the world is seeing what they are doing. Believe in Karma.

Please stop posting pictures of Photoshopped politicians and cursing them. Remember we chose them and its no use blaming them.

Please stop cursing the government. They are doing what they can. Remember the army, police, electricity authority, telecommunication are all part of the government and they are all doing what they can. THEY ARE ALL WORKING HARD.

Please stop sharing news without properly checking its source and reliability and I mean any news because people tend to become gullible during crisis.

Finally, please help because you want to help. Stop taking less pictures start providing more help.

Please don’t create conflict.


Motivate people.

Remember, after all this is over, we will need to start rebuilding our country. If you keep sharing/posting those images of people dying and videos of people screaming, it will ignite a fear among all the people who are planning to visit the country. The country after all this is over will need dollars and tourism cannot suffer right now. PLEASE, don’t let tourism suffer.

Motivate people who are helping if there is nothing else you can do at this time.

Have faith and hope. Nepal will rise. WE WILL RISE.


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