Are we prepared enough..?

A 2011 post that I wanted to reblog.

The recent earthquake in Japan and its repercussion have left the world shocked. The technologically superior country like Japan faced the history’s most disastrous earthquake with thousands dead and thousands out of touch with their family. Those who survived  are living their days without food, water, electricity and even minimum facilities they require. Rescues are coming from all part of the world and everyone is praying for Japan and the people living there.

After seeing all the footage and the images in news channel and paper, I can’t help but sit and think about what might happen in Nepal should an earthquake of such magnitude should hits us. We have no planning and preparations whatsoever required for the aftermaths and the government and the citizens alike are least bothered about the precaution that needs to be taken before or while the earthquake takes place to minimize the impact. Sure, we…

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