8 reasons you should absolutely not travel to Nepal.

Warning: This is a very very satirical post. (I had to mention this after the first comment I received) 😛

In the wake of the recent earthquake (wow..that rhymes..hehe), the international media have left no stones un-turned to make it feel like Nepal is all in rubble and all the Nepalese are waiting for aid and the western world to come and help us. India (our self proclaimed big brother because size does matter) made their daily soap from mother who just lost her child trying to let the world know how she was feeling to giving live demos on “How to rescue trapped survivors?” asking rescue worker about the equipment and how it worked and “not slightly bothering them” because the world needs to know how the rescuers saves people rather than actually saving them. Yes, they did all they can to help Nepal. Thank you Indian Media. Those who created and retweeted #gobackindianmedia are just anti-Modi who are funded by Pakistan and I agree with whoever said that first. Yes, funded, you heard it right – they were being paid “Rs 1.” for every retweet. Only they never said where to claim that amount. Without the help of the Indian media, we would not be seeing this day. But now that all is over, I wonder where they are because #dontcomebackindiamedia pretty much trending as well. Damn, if only life was how tweets trended, I would be  #playingplaystationrightnow or even #havingmassagebecausemyfeethurts. hehe.

Anyways, much have been said about the cool works they did, I just want sum up *8 reasons you should absolutely not travel to Nepal”.

1. Only 10 out of 75 districts are affected:

2. Only 1 out of 10 National Parks is affected:

3. 0% of National and international airport affected:

4. Only 3 out 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites affected

5. 100% highways unaffected:

6. Only 2 out of 35 trekking routes affected:

7. 90% of hotels are unaffected /safe:

8. 100% communication running smoothly:

The above statistics shows that Nepal is not able to take any visitors right now as the international media has been portraying Nepal. Yep, we are all waiting for the west to come and save us from this disaster.

2 thoughts on “8 reasons you should absolutely not travel to Nepal.

  1. Are u Indian? ? What do you exactly know about nepal? Do have any idea what we are going thru? Please stop among these articles which hampers nepali as we do rely on tourism and we know what we are capable of and always spit out the truth.

    Regarding your thoughts about Indian media. , the world knows about very well . One last thing , please do not try to mention your political offense in nepal during this hard time . There is a thing called karma . It will can come back to you as well.

    Long live nepal. .together we will rebuild nepal. Visit nepal to rebuild nepal.

    • Dear Tashi,

      Thanks for the comment you have posted on my article. While I respect your feelings towards your country, its a shame you could not get a sarcasm of the article. If you re-read the article you should be able to notice that I am talking against the indian media and if you see the points I have highlighted I am only talking about the positive. Isn’t the sarcasm in the article obvious? It was meant to be a satirical posts. Sorry if I offended you in anyway.

      Answering your questions.

      No, I am not an Indian, I am as much as Nepali as you are. Plus I think we need to come out of the anti-indian mentality, that anything against Nepal is always something Indian.

      Also, yes, I know what we are going through. I was one of the first who went to the hospitals with waters and biscuits (just hours after the quake). I just don’t post photos of what I am doing that’s all. But your are free to check my instagram account (search – meengma), I think you are already following me there. I am following you.

      I have lived my whole life here in Nepal so I can claim to know Nepal as much as you do.

      I know we rely on tourism. I am into tourism. Please read this post before you feel I am trying to destroy the tourism in Nepal.

      About the Indian Media, can you please go through the post again and tell me you can’t get the satire I meant? If you go through my other posts, you will know that I am a very sarcastic person and you will understand whatever I was trying to say. 🙂

      Love for the country is a good thing. Common sense however help a lot to avoid embarrassment.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      And Oh, I really appreciate all that you are doing for the people in Sindhupalchok even when you had your own hands fractured. 🙂 Great going.


      PS. BTW, have you checked my 4 other posts on what we are doing post earthquake? Please go through it and let me know what you think if you are not all into criticism.

      Nepal will rise – https://meengma.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/nepal-will-rise/
      Nepal will rise..indeed – https://meengma.wordpress.com/2015/05/03/nepal-will-rise-2/
      On a serious note – https://meengma.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/on-a-serious-note/
      Are we prepared enough – https://meengma.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/are-we-prepared-enough-2/

      Please go through the post thoroughly before judging me. Thanks. 🙂

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