Rantings of a beautiful mind.

With the present frustrating situation in Nepal post the earthquake and the Indian government blocking the border and stopping all the essential supplies, the beautiful mind has started ranting.

Note to ‪#‎self‬
Fucking sell that ‪#‎indian_bike‬ and get a fucking bicycle instead.

Note to ‪#‎modi‬.
Fuck you and all those who told you this was a good fucking idea.

Note to ‪#‎nepali_government‬
Fucking grow some balls you pathetic piece of fucks.

Note to ‪#‎indianmedia‬
Where the fuck is your country now? Moreover, where the fuck are you and your propoganda of ‪#‎modinisation‬.

Note to ‪#‎worldmedia‬
Turn your fucking cameras towards this side of the world. It isn’t wasn’t the earthquake that needed your fucking attention. It was this country.

Note to ‪#‎dasain‬
Fuck off.

Note to ‪#‎earthquake‬
You were supposed to move towards india. Where the fuck are you?

2 thoughts on “Rantings of a beautiful mind.

  1. Don”t think of buying bicycle coz dasai is near and theft rate is high. What an shitty experience that was when my bicycle got stolen which was locked on pole few days back. Deadly chor rahecha…

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